Nonna's Italian Food Bar | Nonna's Italian Food Bar | Sandton City | Menlyn shopping Centre
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[No-nna (pl. Nonnas)]

  • Is the Italian word for grandmother

We all have memories of stepping into our Nonna’s house when we were younger and getting bombarded with aromas that define ‘home’ for us. We all have memories of our Nonna being in the kitchen all day and cooking our favourite dishes. We all have memories of our Nonna.

That is what we are all about at Nonna’s Italian Food Bar. That defines who we are. We are an authentic Italian food bar, with a contemporary twist.

With Nonna’s you can order pastas, pizzas, antipasti, and salads directly from the chefs at the individual stations in the wide stylish counter made from rustic raw wood. The chefs prepare all of the dishes to order in front of the guests to suit their taste. Nonna’s Italian Food Bar is a culinary theatre that aims to please each and every customer by

Customizing a dish and making it on the spot. Favourite dishes can be created and then individually refined to how your own Nonna used to make it for you.

The guests will see how the paste is made fresh each day in the glassed-in culinary laboratory in the end of each Nonna’s Italian Food Bar. Our pizza dough, our sauces and dressings are made of the finest ingredients. Raw, unprocessed, organic, healthy and fresh is what we are all about.

We do not have a central production facility, as we strongly believe that fresh is at the center of our ethos. Each Nonna’s Italian Food Bar produces its own prepped recipes on site and that is made daily.

Thanks to the smart card payment system, customers can swipe for a variety of products from the different counters and only pay at the end. This was created to give our diners a feeling of comfort and relaxation while they eat.

Nonna’s Italian Food Bar is the perfect setting for a quick lunch, an afternoon break, a healthy meal or a pleasant dinner with friends or family.

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